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After the "publication" a few years ago of Allison's and my Oda a la Cocina, and the subsequent collection of hundreds of recipes written on post-it notes, torn out of Spanish cooking magazines, gleaned in Salzburger cafés, and born through experimentation, it is high time for an online addendum.

This collection likely repeats some of the recipes in our lovely volume (200 pages of the world's best vegetarian fare, and only $18, payable to me!), but attempts to flesh it out as I learn how to make my mom's mushrooms and Austrian Glühwein.

Not all of these recipes have been tried. Most come directly from my own tasting experience, but some I haven't gotten around to trying out myself, and some are recipes I've found for things I've eaten, but the two may have no correlation (like the hundred variants of Sachertorte out there). If you find one that is particularly complicated, weird, or just plain sucks, please write me and let me know.

This index is, for the time, purely alphabetical, making no attempt to categorize. It assumes an intelligent reader, able to distinguish that a béchamel sauce is savory and goes in lasagna or on noodles, and that mint brownies are to be eaten at three in the morning, straight from the pan with fingers, and with gallons of milk for the hungry congregated students. It is also ridiculously cross-indexed, but then again, the best entry from the Cookbook Volume One was "sex, better than -- cheesecake." :-)

vegan Recipes that have the carrot symbol next to them are vegan. Everything is lacto-ovo vegetarian.


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