cashew-milk waffles

from lulu, and the Simply Heavenly cookbook

A comic-blogger, Lulu, posted this to her blog on 9-24-04:

cashew milk waffle cartoon

I had to have the recipe, and she graciously obliged:

The recipe's 3 parts that you mix together:


  • 2c flour (we used whole wheat pastry flour, but white would be ok too)
  • 1T baking powder
  • 1T sucanat (or brown sugar)
  • 1t salt
  • 1/3c margarine

Sift the dry ingredients, work in the margarine with a fork or pastry cutter until it's uniformly pebbly.


  • 1 1/2c water
  • 1/3c raw cashews
  • pinch salt
  • sucanat to taste

Blend in a blender. Adjust water/cashews until you have the consistency of 2% milk or so.


Grind just under 2T flax seeds in a blender or mortar/pestle until they're powdered. (the blender jar must be dry) Add 1/3 c water.

Mix the 3 components together. Adjust flour/cashew milk until you have the right consistency for waffle batter. Make waffles.