nori's barn sandwich

from yours truly

Me: So, Mark, what do you think is in the sandwich?
Mark: (eyes widening) Ingredient number one: goodness.

After a little experimentation, this has become my ritual lunch sandwich this spring of 2002 at the Barn. With darjeeling, it is the bomb.

  • 2 slices oatnut bread
  • pesto
  • whatever peanut sauce you have lying around in the fridge
  • the best white miso you can find
  • jarlsberg
  • white sharp cheddar
  • spinach, mixed greens, red-leaf or romaine -- iceberg lettuce is too commonplace for this gourmet marvel!

Toast the bread lightly. Use wheat bread or maybe even pumpernickel if you can't find the oatnut. Spread pesto on one slice, and a really really thin layer of miso on the other, then peanut sauce over that, as thickly as you like (and I like). Layer on the cheeses, a fair amount but not too much (will make it too heavy), and then a large handful of green stuff on top. Cut, and eat while doing the New York Times crossword puzzle if it's before Wednesday, and drink with darjeeling with two lumps sugar and a little half-and-half.