rice pudding

from rebecca ennen

  • cooked rice
  • milk (substitute canned coconut milk for some of the milk milk?)
  • sugar or honey to taste (brown/white works equally well)
  • lots of cinnamon (say, one tsp per cup of rice, maybe a little less)
  • vanilla (about 1/2 tsp per cup of rice, more to taste)

optional (good though):

  • sliced almonds (about one T per cup of rice)
  • raisins (about one tbsp per cup of rice)
  • dash of powdered ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, or what-have-you

cooked rice goes into a pot
pour in milk to cover
stove on medium

add the sugar or honey, spices, vanilla, and optional ingredients. simmer the whole mess on low until it thickens a bit; can be served as a nubbly-puddingy substance or cooked more to form a more cohesive, sticks-together wad. watch while simmering, adding more milk as it gets steamed off. serve with a little cold milk mixed in.

to eat later, you might want to reheat...