late nite barn omelet

from joel-o blecher

what you'll need:

  • two eggs
  • cream cheese (or cream, or milk)
  • cheeses/fillings which always include:
    • feta or goat cheese, but can also include:
    • pesto,
    • jarlsberg,
    • basil,
    • a little bit of cheddar
    • (garlic is optional)
  • filling must include one staple cheese besides feta/goat.
  • sun-dried tomatoes.

take two eggs out of the fridge to warm up. this is the perfect time to start preparing your fillings. cut up about a handful of each cheese, and maybe three sun-dried tomatoes. get a spoon ready to put three spoonfuls of pesto (if you have it) into the pan. make sure you have everything already chopped up and in an accessible place before you start cooking.

now it's time to prepare the eggs. open 'em up and in a little bowl and do the whole mix-thing. add the cream cheese (maybe a forkful). i know at first it doesn't seem to mix well, but keep at it, it's worth it: this will help your eggs be light and fluffy and taste good. even it it's not mixed perfectly, it's done. believe me.

turn on the heat. go get the butter. put a lot of butter on the pan. i know that "you're watching your weight," but please -- how much harm can a little extra butter do? anyway, if you get too fat, you can always try heroin. that'll sure make you skinny in after a month or two.

anyway, back to the butter, put a lot on. i mean -- this is going to be very cheesy, and if any cheese gets on the pan, it will stick there forever. plus, the butter makes it taste good. and isn't that what you want, after all -- for the omelet to taste good?

anyway, when the pan is hot, throw on the eggs/cream cheese. make sure that all the liquid finds a place to go -- if you have to scrape up some of the already solidified egg to make room for some liquid egg to get cooked, do it. it's important.

when the omelet is a kind of drying, throw on the pesto (if you have it). next, the feta. next, the sundried tomatoes. always put those on first so they have time to cook. now get all your other filling and throw it on one side. by now it's time to flip one side over the other. do it.

okay, wait a minute to let it cook. turn off the heat and enjoy!