sweet potato rounds

from lanette price

We served these this year (2001) at our vegetarian Christmas dinner, along with a wonderful marinated tofu, mom's portobello mushrooms, and mashed potatoes. We called the vegetable the cranberry sauce, had a mushroom gravy with everything, and got our carbs for the day.

  • sweet potatoes
  • vegetable oil
  • butter
  • brown sugar

Rub whole yams with vegetable oil. Wrap them in tinfoil, and stick them in the barbecue for an hour or so (if you're barbecuing -- if not, an oven will do), or until soft -- poke them to see.

Remove from the oven, unwrap, and cut into rounds. Place rounds on a baking sheet. Mix melted butter and brown sugar -- not too liquid -- and drizzle the mixture on top of the rounds.

Stick them in the oven again until they're warm and the butter-sugar mixture has melted.