Thu, 08 Jan 2015 21:38:25 -0800

So much to be done -- invitations (find a stationer); website; send save-the-dates; caterer (tasting!); florist; schedule a fitting at Vera Wang for the dress; bachelorette party; who will do my hair? -- but we have a list, to which he's added the item "Have fun."

And we are: Ran off to Paris for our two-year anniversary the week before Christmas, where we spent a few days walking through the cold, gravelly Jardin des Tuileries (I in my new wool coat; he on his way to buy one), consuming art and macarons at the Musée Picasso, almost pretending to be locals in the Marais with falafel and a crowded wine bar with a sister restaurant that could have come straight off Valencia St. but for the language, and finishing off with a celebratory bottle of Veuve with dinner in Saint-Germain-des-Prés on the eve of the anniversary itself. Fiancé knows how to make a girl happy. (And to think I'd originally planned to be oncall that weekend.)

Then Seattle (engagement party!), Tahoe (Christmas with all the families!), San Francisco (New Year's party! Back again, after last year's forced cancellation due to my tour of civic duty with Obamacare), Tahoe again (snowboarding; snowshoe up Castle Peak; æbelskivers). Then drop into the first work week in four, the first of 2015.

So much on the list, but a reasonable amount of time to get it done between now and April. And -- sparkly ring; trips to Paris; the word fiancé(e) -- did I mention I love being engaged?