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Home row remappings

Vim uses the QWERTY home row for navigation -- hjkl go left, down, up, and right, respectively. It would be just too weird to have these in different places on the keyboard. So, again thanks to a great suggestion from Jason Lunz5, I remapped these four keys to their Dvorak equivalents -- dhtn.

To do that is a simple matter of a few lines in your $\sim$/.vimrc:

  noremap d h
  noremap h gj
  noremap t gk
  noremap n l

(The `g's are there in the case that you have a really long line that wraps and uses multiple rows on the screen, `gk' move the cursor up one screen row and `k' just moves it up one line, or multiple screen rows. Jason Lunz prefers the former, but a simple `j' or `k' would also work here.)

In this way, you can keep your home row cursor movement.

Nori Heikkinen 2003-11-12