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Rerolling your Kernel

Avoid this.

Even if you don't avoid it, before you attempt to re-install a kernel you rolled, read the manpages on the following:

and check out the content of /proc/filesystems (to see what filesystems you're supporting in your current kernel).

To see what's in your current kernel, look at your config file, which lives in /boot. It'll be /boot/config-`uname -r`.

And again, I urge you not to recompile. Maybe you know more about this stuff than I do (which is likely), but you want to know a lot more than I do before you do it.

Which is weird, because all my other kernel rerollings and installations in debian -- on desktop systems without other OS partitions -- have gone really smoothly.

Whatever. Let the buyer beware, and know what you're getting into. But more power to you.

Nori Heikkinen 2003-07-08