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Necessary kernel modules

To see what's loaded, do a `/sbin/lsmod`. For USB input devices in general, you will need the following:

I'm pretty sure that for just USB mice, just usb and mousedev are necessary, but putting them all in as modules can't hurt -- an usused module doesn't matter.

Also make sure that you're loading these modules at boot time: put them in /etc/modules.

USB by itself isn't a module; it needs to be aliased to either usb-ohci or usb-uhci. For the Dell I8k, you want the usb-uhci.

Alias the module by editing /etc/modutils/aliases, and put in the following lines:

alias usb usb-uhci
post-install usb modprobe hid

Then run update-modules, and those aliases will get stuck in your /etc/modules.conf. Don't just edit this file by hand; your changes will get overwritten!

Got all that? Excellent. Reboot if you want, or just modprobe usb-uhci evdev mousedev keybdev, and continue!

Nori Heikkinen 2003-07-08