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LaTeX documentation

So far, not much here. Look in your /usr/share/doc and then come back. But, there are a few quite useful toys I have to share:
  • documentation for the math figures drawing package pstricks (in 4 sections in .ps format; use gv to view)
  • a general LaTeX reference -- a good place to start, with an excellent math typesetting section (in .dvi or html)
  • the eecltree package is okay, and i've got a few examples if you want them, but what's much, much cooler (especially for typesetting linguisticky things like sentence trees!), is qtree (here's the .sty file)
  • some documentation on bibTeX
  • So, it turns out that GNUPlot (a) rocks, and (b) can generate TeX code if you `set terminal eepic` and then stick the code it generates into your document ...
  • If you are a big geek, and have a lot of free time, you might want to look at the shapepar package (here's the sty file, and a pdf document explaining it, which allows you to typeset paragraphs ins crazy shapes. If only Apollinaire had seen it! ;-)